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How to use houseplants for home staging

Updated: Mar 17

According to John Lewis sales of indoor house plants have skyrocketed over the last year. It’s perhaps not surprising given that ‘Wellness’ is a key macro consumer trend at the moment. With our homes being a sanctuary in difficult times, they can create a calming atmosphere, can help bring the outdoors in and are believed to improve our mood. This trend for wellbeing is particularly important for the Millennial generation so homes staged with houseplants will standout to them and this small investment could lead to a profitable price.

OUR TIPS * Just adding 2-3 house plants can upgrade the space but adding 5-6 will make the statement buyers desire * Choose your containers carefully to ensure they compliments the design scheme and the plant * Striking coloured plants in a coloured pot will brighten up a pale interior and add contrast. Examples are the Gerberas, African violets and Tulips. Cool sophisticated plants in cream, white and silver will add a touch of minimalist luxury. Examples of elegant plants are Orchids, Palms, Aspidistra and Ferns. These plants require a stylish container to match their effortless charm. Pretty romantic florals are useful for bedroom spaces and culinary herbs in soft wood containers will add a fresh look to kitchens * Leafy palms make a good choice if you want to disguise a problem area in the property such as boxing. A powerful vertical plant can draw the eye upwards giving the impression of height in a room * Carefully placed plants can draw attention to the best features of a room. For example, flanking a fireplace with two impressive plants will draw the eye towards it The entrance space is a great place to add a real statement piece as it is the first room buyers will see. Smaller seasonal flowering plants are best placed at the centre of a dining table * Avoid highly scented plants such a lilies and spring flowering bulbs like hyacinths to avoid setting off asthma in buyers * Using seasonal flowers is a cost effective way of adding colour. In the summer plants sold as garden plants will happily do a stint inside while they are at their best * Empty properties can still benefit from quality faux plants and flowers to brighten the space, draw attention to features and create a homely atmosphere. As with real plants they need suitable containers that match the staged design.

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