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Top Staging Tips for HomeOwners

I will never forget viewing a property where the agent had to open all the curtains and going upstairs I encountered cobwebs in my face. A rather unpleasant experience! There was also one time when I saw a house with a leftover Christmas tree in the garden - in August! Or the house I viewed recently for my parents with a pair of child’s pants elastic holding the gate open. These experiences put me off buying and probably others too as they hadn’t followed the basic rules for property staging. Today I share my top tips for staging-for-sale so you can convert more views/clicks to offers.


Make sure the presentation of the outside of your house is as important as the inside. Put bins out of sight if possible and invest in some seasonal planters to brighten up your front door.


Check all surfaces at all heights are spotless.


Tidy every room including outside spaces like garages. Pack and store everything you don’t use regularly.


Don’t let buyers be distracted by your life. Pack away family photos and children’s drawings throughout the home.


The goal is to create a look that will appeal to the widest spectrum of buyers so avoid dark or bright colours on walls. Opt for warm neutrals or white.


Give each space a purpose - dining, relaxing, entertaining, working.


Make sure all little jobs are completed so they don’t raise a red flag that other more important things have been neglected.


If necessary change your bulbs to brighter ones or upgrade your light fittings.


Dress your rooms with carefully chosen and co-ordinated accessories and mirrors to reflect light. Use colour to create a balanced scheme for each room.

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