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Using music to sell homes

Introducing our new home-staging playlist on Spotify.

I remember learning early in my career about the power of music to influence sales in retail after hearing how buyers in wine shops would reach for the French wine if French music was played. A ‘Universal language’, music is able to powerfully tap into our emotions and I believe can play a part in home staging by creating a positive atmosphere when used for viewings and open houses at a low volume level.

When it comes to the choice of music to play knowing the target market for the home is key and what might appeal to them is useful, but in general pop music will have the widest appeal for buyers. My top tip is to also, where possible, match the genre to the room - playing neutral relaxing classics (think spa music) in the bedroom for example. If this is not possible then concentrate on the living spaces or simply pop a radio on in the kitchen.

As a lover of music I have really enjoyed creating an Adorn Home Staging playlist on Spotify for general use that will appeal to buyers upsizing or downsizing pre-retirement. It features instrumentals from Coldplay, Adele, Ed Sheeran, Harry Styles and Sia mixed in with uplifting classical tracks suitable as background music for viewings.

Have a listen, let me know your thoughts and particularly whether I’ve missed off your favourite artists. I believe it’s the UK’s first home-staging list on Spotify so I’m ‘all ears’ for feedback to add to it.

Image credit: starline on Freepik or search Adorn Home Staging on Spotify.

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